Hearty Sandwiches, Hot or Cold

I recently discovered that not every workplace has a toaster oven, only a microwave. I can’t tell you how disappointed that makes me. I, apparently, was once spoiled with the luxury of a toaster oven. Who knew? And, let’s face it, sandwiches “toasted” in the microwave is just not a thing.

So, I’ve taken a few of my favorite toasted sandwiches that taste delicious even if they AREN’T warmed in the oven. Remember a hearty sandwich should have a foundation of amazing bread (it’s worth the splurge on your wallet to have carbs that are to die for) and come in four layers:

  1. the meat (chicken, ham, turkey, or thick sliced veggies)
  2. the kicker (the special ingredient that steps up your sandwich from plain to gourmet)
  3. cheese (optional)
  4. the spread (if you use plain mayo or yellow mustard, we aren’t friends anymore)

So, here we go…

Thanksgiving Sandwich

  • Layer 1: thick cut turkey breast (don’t give me any of that thin, deli sliced turkey!)
  • Layer 2: stuffing (make it the night before or save your leftovers)
  • Layer 3: not necessary in this sandwich
  • Layer 4: cranberry spread (even if you don’t like cranberries, a little is all you need)
  • Foundation: a hearty whole grain or dark brown roll

Italian Delight

  • Layer 1: grilled chicken breast
  • Layer 2: sun-dried tomatoes
  • Layer 3: slices of mozzarella cheese
  • Layer 4: Pesto sauce (add a little bit of mayo for a thicker spread)
  • Foundation: Italian bread or ciabatta

Mexi Muncher

  • Layer 1: thin slices of steak
  • Layer 2: pico de gallo with avocado
  • Layer 3: pepperjack (it’s an option; honestly, I think the avocado is a good cheese replacement)
  • Layer 4: southwest chipotle mayo (try the one Kraft makes)
  • Foundation: ciabattta or flatbread

These are three go-to sandwiches for work that are hearty and delicious. Yes, if I was home I’d toast them in the oven (or, if you have it, a panini press!), but for days when I bring them to work, they are justifiably better than a regular deli sandwich. Hashtag Yum. 😉

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