Ranch Turkey Burgers

Today, on a whim, I decided to dress up my turkey burger. I have a tendency to buy a lot at the grocery store and then only nibble at meals. This means I always have a ton of food that’s waiting to be used and taking up space in my fridge at all times.

When I opened it today, I found a bag of baby spinach that I still hadn’t opened. I found frozen turkey burgers from the September that still managed to not be devasated by freezer burn. In my cabinets, a half used packet of ranch mix was sitting right up in front – a reminder for me to USE it.

Well, why not? I grabbed everything and sat it on the counter. These would definitely work together… ready, go!

  1. In a pan, I added a little water and put in two turkey burgers on med/high heat. I sprinkled ranch mix on them and left them alone to do their thing. In another pan, I added one tbsp of EVOO and two handfuls of the baby spinach on medium, along with 1 tbsp. of minced garlic, kosher sea salt, and fresh ground pepper. I got out my plates and onion rolls, and, of course, decided the rolls needed to be toasted in order to make this burger epic.
  2. While they cooked, I sashayed around my kitchen island  in my slippers. I’m actually not the best cook if things need to be watched every second, becuase I tend to get distracted. On one of my laps past the fridge, I poked around in the cheese drawer. I found some shredded skim mozzerella that was almost used up and pulled it out, along with some mayo for good measure.
  3. At this point, I remembered I was cooking. I stirred my spinach around – they were almost done and had reduced nicely. I checked my burgers (I’m always paranoid with turkey burgers, and cut into them to  make sure they were cooking well) and decided it was time to flip them. After turning them over, I sprinkled more ranch on them. Then I ran over to get the onion rolls before I burned them. I laid them open on two plates and brought them back over to my cooking area. I took tongs and portioned out the sautéed spinach on to the bottom half of each of the buns. I checked the burgers again, and thankfully they looked just about done. I added a sprinkling of shredded mozz cheese to each and covered the pan with a lid so it would melt faster.
  4. Next, I needed to make the burger dressing. In a small serving bowl, I added one tsp of water, one tbsp of mayo, and the last two pinches of ranch mix. I mixed well and then spread half of the dressing on the underside of one bun top, and the rest on the other. I checked my burgers and they looked perfect! I spatula-ed them out on top of the spinach and flipped the top bun on top.

For good measure, I added two clementines to each plate, plus a Diet Coke for me and a regular Coca-Cola for my madre. I can’t have water with a burger. It seems un-American, in a way…

My mom and I dug in – oh my goodness, I can’t tell you how delicious it was. I love the flavor of ranch mix (oddly enough, I despise store-bought ranch dressing…), and it was strong and flavorful without being over-powering. It was so darn delicious! My mom wanted me to make more on the spot. Hahaha!! I told her the next time dad wasn’t around I’d make them again 😉

List of Ingredients to Feed You & Your Momma

  • onion rolls – 2
  • turkey burgers – 2
  • mozzerella cheese – about 2-3 tbsp., enough to top each burger
  • ranch mix – half a packet is more than enough
  • spinach – roughly 2 handfuls, it looks like a LOT before it reduces
  • garlic – 1 tbsp
  • extra virgin olive oil – 1 tbsp
  • salt & pepper – 1-2 pinches

See what happens when you raid your cabinets? YUM!!!!

Enjoy ❤

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